G18: Split Second Game

G18: Split Second Game
G18: Split Second Game

Key data

Category: G - Games - Board games

Location: I (In library)

Age range: 8+

Number of pieces: 9

Number of unique pieces: 5


1 Game board

1 Deck of questions

1 Card holder

2 Tabs for game boards

4 White board markers s

Sponsor: Lotterywest

Public comments: It's not about what you know but how fast you know it! Answer simple questions designed for players young and old faster than everyone else, but don't forget to flip your paddle to prevent any peeking - sometime's the different between winning and losing really is a Split Second! Features: Split Second Game Colour: Multi Fast family quiz game Simple questions for players young and old Answer the quickest and flip your paddle before anyone sees Players: 2-5 Materials: N/A Recommended for ages: 8 years and up

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