G19: Fishing Game Tin 1

Key data

Category: G - Games - Board games

Location: I (In library)

Age range: Unknown

Number of pieces: 0

Number of unique pieces: 0

Sponsor: Lotterywest

Description: Great for entertainment on the run! Includes pond mat, 10 fishing pieces, 2 fishing rods and a storage tin that fits easily in your handbag. This activity is perfect for practicing and developing bilateral coordination, or 'crossing the mid-line' Set the Fishing Set up with the fishing pieces and pond on your child’s left side, and the tin on their right side. Place the fishing rod in the middle, in front of them. Children must pick up the rod with their preferred hand and ‘go fishing’. The aim is to pick up the pieces from the mat and transfer them to the tin, without the rod changing hands. This encourages your child to cross their mid-line (belly button) from left to right and back again.

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